We love you. We love wine. 

Astro Vino was born of a fierce interest in people, wine and the parallels which exist between them. This foundation inspired our thoughtful offering — an Online wine gifting service, astrologically-personalised with consideration and expertise. 

We zealously search for, taste and carefully select Australian wines, ensuring that your perfect drop ends up in your hands. 

We believe that, like wine, you were welcomed into this life under an arrangement of planets individual to you. A cosmic terroir, if you will. This is the recipe of your soul’s making — it’s what defines your nature, desires and behaviours. 

Thank you — Your purchase supports our small female-led business, as well as small and independent Australian wine makers. Cheers to that.


We like to celebrate local and emerging winemakers, so we can be sure to deliver a vino that’s unique. We aim to share our love of new world, small batch and minimal intervention wines with you always, and so continually offer fresh selections that are both seasonally relevant and cosmically aligned.

All wines come gift-boxed with astrology cards and tasting notes enclosed.



Wine is about time and place. Vintage and terroir; a moment, bottled. These influencing factors come together to produce an expression of a grape. A vintage may be unique, with its own signature, yet the variety is always recognisable. Astrology is very similar.

People are like vintages, born of a time and under a celestial arrangement individual to them. A cosmic terroir, if you will. These are the circumstances of their soul’s making; the recipe that defines their natures, behaviours and desires.