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~November 23 to December 21~

Fresh and unaffected. You experience life as the adventure you make it, with a contagious energy of spontaneity, bravery and naiveté. You are wide open, seeing only possibilities in front of you. This bright-eyed buoyancy never fades. You are childlike in your wonder for today and your anticipation for tomorrow.

Lively and fun-loving, you are a curious creature. You seek knowledge and adventure to expand your mind. A restless spirit and a mutable sign, you yearn for change and new experiences. You long for freedom and independence and must have space to roam.

Ruled by Jupiter, you are gifted you with faith, optimism and positivity. Fuelled by your fiery nature, you project this energy outward. In the realm of hope you are extremely expansive. Leaning into this you have the ability to affect great change for humanity.

Ruler ~ Jupiter | Element ~ Fire | Quality ~ Mutable