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Vino Intrepido

08. Scorpio— 2019 VINO INTREPIDO ‘The Sharpest Thorn’ Sangiovese Rosé


Tastes like
Refreshing and crisp on the outset with fire and drive underneath. Tart strawberries and peppery spice. This icy facade melts to a tangible heat; mellow, textural and savoury with notes of dried herbs. 

Warming - with more body than you bargained for - and a pleasantly bitter grapefruit note drawing length. A dry rosé, with structure and bite for those brooding, complex Scorpios.

Feels like
Sarcasm and mood swings.


Producer Vino Intrepido
Region Heathcote
Vintage 2019
Varieties Sangiovese
Style Rosé
Made Minimal Intervention 
Serve Chilled

'The reason I love sangiovese as a rosé variety is you can get a pale slightly bronze colour, plenty of fresh red fruits but also a dry and savoury expression. I wanted to pick the fruit early to preserve acidity and freshness. The maceration was the time it took me to drive the fruit back from the vineyard to the winery, return the rental truck, and come back to send the grapes to press, all up about 4.5 hours. After juice settling, two mature red barriques were filled and the rest to stainless steel for fermentation. The wine was blended then bottled in August of 2019.’


Scorpio Season - October 24 to November 22

Ruler | Pluto & Mars - Element | Water - Quality | Fixed


Scorpio, the perfect storm.

As enigmatic as the ocean. Magnetic in your tidal pull. Calm on the surface while complexity reigns beneath. Dark, deep, dangerous. Electric and transformative, you are the perfect storm.

Coveted emotions. You feel so strongly yet express so rarely. Constrained by a well-controlled nature. A friendly, open approach is your pretence for privacy. You invest so much in others yet reveal so little of yourself. Still, as reserved as you may try to be, you possess an intensity that cannot be ignored.

You sparkle with hypnotic magnetism - a transfixing force iconic to Scorpio. A dangerous allure. Energetically polarising; you attract and repel. Mystery illuminated by fire; desire. It’s this air of ambiguity that makes you so seductive.

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto your energy is transformational. A pure force; amorphous and unbridled. Patient to a point, the provocateur quickly becomes the victim. The sting of the Scorpion may be unspoken, but it is surely felt.

A powerhouse of strength, drive and determination, your need for control can be tempered. Soften your ego and lean into your empathy. Share more. You are immensely private, innately protective, profoundly paternal and loyal in love.

Passionate, powerful, volatile. Creative and mesmerising. In a word; addictive.