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Astro Vino



A cosmic selection, just the thing to celebrate self x


2021 Tidy Town 'Bin Chicken' Semillon

Tastes like
Lemon, green apple, nashi pear and white floral notes, spiked with a savoury salinity. Like the crunchy rim of a margarita glass, this hint of salt enhances the fruit characters and brings out a touch of sweetness in contrast. The ultimate Summer satiation. An absolute vibe of a wine!

Feels like
A zesty, surprising little crowd pleaser. 


2021 Bink Wines ‘Little Red’  

Tastes like
Bright, lifted, juicy red fruits, sour cherry, apple and pear. Darker black and blueberry notes add a little depth and intrigue. Fresh, smashable and doesn’t mind a little chill. Park red vibes.

Feels like
Pretty chill.

2019 CORYMBIA Tempranillo / Malbec

Tastes like
Expression and sensation in a wine. Dense, dark, evocative scents of pomegranate, mulberry and clove. Warm and grounding with earthy characteristics. Rich notes of maraschino cherries, blueberries and salted liquorice linger intensely. 

Feels like
An escape of a wine.