By Rosie O'Donnell

Scorpio Season; Sink Deep into its Allure

In a year, each astrological sign will enjoy its time in the Sun (quite literally). Every 30 days or so as the Sun moves through each sign its influence is projected. A sign’s energy becomes accessible to all for the duration of its ‘season’. 

As we transit from Libra into Scorpio, we leave behind the diplomatic, light, airy, season of partnerships and enter a period of independence and personal power. For neighbouring signs, the contrasting energetics are strong enough to give you whiplash. 

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, the planets of passion and transformation. Unlike it’s fellow intuitive, water sign Pisces, who’s season will see you backstroking in dreamy depths of technicolour bliss, Scorpio energy has an agenda. This is a sign of drive and intensity, one with deep energy wells and startling vigour. Tapping into this force can give you the vision and tenacity to make the impossible possible. Scorpios are both creators and destroyers which makes them extraordinarily powerful signs. This is the month to reconsider the goals that you previously thought were unattainable.

There’s a captivating mystery to Scorpio. This is the sign of hidden agendas and emotions, deep and dark. It’s this enigmatic allure that draws people in - the fascination of uncovering what lies beneath. However, that which remains concealed is not always pretty. The sun in Scorpio highlights these protective tendencies in all of us, presenting an ideal time to look within. Tend to the psyche and look to release those long held anchors. The ones that keep you in the same place, at a distance from others. Bring dark truths to light, as letting go will create the space to emotionally up-level. This month will bring transformation and expansion for those who are willing to go deep.

Scorpio season has an intoxicating allure to it; a dangerously beautiful intensity that you can’t seem to escape. This season is all about warmth, complexity and depth so we’ve curated a series of captivating wines to help you sink into it.



An orange, somewhat clouded, Chenin Blanc in keeping with the mysterious nature of Scorpio. This drop has a cleansing feel, balanced acid and ample alcohol, with some skinsy grip on the palate. Notes are an amorphous haze of tropical fruits of pineapple, lychee and banana peel. Dominating on the finish, you’ll find pleasantly bitter notes of grapefruit and orange pith. 

Dry, refreshing and distinctive, just like Scorpio. 



A distinctive wine, this drop emulates the opposing forces of Pluto and Mars that are iconic to Scorpio. Intensely aromatic. Initially crisp and virile, with peppery notes of green capsicum and herbs. Yet the freshness gradually falls away to something decidedly fruitier. Notes of pear, honey and faint oak make their way onto the palate for a nice warm end. Full-bodied, with weight and density. A rounded viscosity in the mouth. 

What starts out as green and peppery ends on a warm and fruiter note. Slightly polarising - but in a good way. This wine is the epitome of the Scorpio character; a cool, brisk facade that opens up to an enduring, rounded warmth over time. 


A charismatic drop, ‘Beneath the Flor’ Chenin Blanc has been made in a Jura-esque style. On the richer, fuller side of whites, but still possessing the clarity that is Chenin Blanc. 

Notes of toasted bread, shiitake mushrooms, umami and that mesmerising leesyness that brings texture and breadth to the mouth. Much like the magnetism of Scorpio, this is a wine you find yourself drawn into, peeling back the layers of depth and flavour with every sip. It has a truly captivating essence. 

A brooding, complex white, reflective of the nature of Scorpio.


A wine in the Scorpio expression; mesmerising, powerful and bold. This drop is dark. An alluring, addictive, warm dark. Complex and intriguing, just like you. Exotic; strange yet familiar. 

A sensuous aroma of dark red fruit, warmth and spice. Layered complexity beneath the surface. Ripe plum, blackcurrant, fragrant violet and rose. Tannins softened by salted caramel, vanilla and clove. In a word; addictive. A wine in line with Scorpio’s protective nature, this mysterious drop will open up over time. Heady opulence and magical depth.


Winemaker Jo Perry’s use of amphora has created a cool, yet complex expression of Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon. In alignment with the Scorponic penchant for patience and poise; a limited expression and one that will continue to develop in the years to come. 

This is a wine of great depth, with characters hidden and emerging - much like the seething, emotional undertones of Scorpio. Dark and enigmatic, this drop feels wild and unattainable. The allure of the aroma; intoxicating, powerful, intense. Smells warm, looks dark, feels resinous. Notes are layered, integrated, in an amorphous haze. 

Blackcurrant, black plum, blueberries, wild bramble, bay leaf and a prominent peppery-capsicum character. Wholly seductive, with power-fine tannins drawing you back in. This drop won’t let you go easily. Surface composure meets eruptive undertones. Transcendent and potent. 


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