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Taurus— 2018 COMMUNE OF BUTTONS ‘Clover’ Chardonnay


This wine has a beautiful weight to it; a strength and solidity of character. Big and creamy. In a word; abundant. A wine that’s warm and generous.

An evocative bouquet introduces a rich sense of proportion. A mildly saline, textural palate is rounded out by the creamy softness of peach, and balanced with bright acidity and citrus notes. Lush body and a decadent mouthfeel. Enduring and determined. 

A very sensual wine. Pure luxury; the ideal Taurean drop to bring on a tranquil state of mind.


Winemaker’s notes

‘The 2018 is textural and intense with a characteristic peachy saline acidity from the clay soils.’


Taurus Season - April 21 to May 21

Ruler | Venus - Element | Earth - Quality | Fixed


Taurus, the lover.

There is a magnitude to your influence; a solidity to your character. You are grounded, humbled in the acceptance of who you are. There is no grappling with identity, only warmth, familiarity and knowing. You are connected, tranquil and self-assured.

You possess an independence. Peaceful and protected in your own nirvana. Your presence is calm, warm, pacifying. A beautiful, lulling meditative energy surrounds you that helps to ground others. A child of the earth, you are patient, methodical and unhurried. There is a generosity to your being. 

You harbour great strength and determination. An unwavering stability that won’t be shaken. It’s this loyalty, dedication and emotional stoicism that protects those close to your heart. You are a traditionalist in essence, adverse to change, though respectful of progress. Structured. Preferring the comfort of routine; as observed in the gradual, yet constant, change of seasons.

You want to experience life and the pleasure it brings. You are very much a sensory being existing in the physical realm. You work hard to relax in your liberation afforded, with a penchant for the finer things.

Finally you are a lover. Your approach to the world inflects a rounded softness and sensuality. There is a decadence and density to your heart.

Wonderfully tolerant, compassionate and tender.