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08. Scorpio— 2018 VINTELOPER ‘TN/18’ Touriga Nacional


A wine in the Scorpio expression; mesmerising, powerful and bold. 

This drop is dark. An alluring, addictive, warm dark. Complex and intriguing, just like you. Exotic; strange yet familiar. 

A sensuous aroma of dark red fruit, warmth and spice. Layered complexity beneath the surface. Ripe plum, blackcurrant, fragrant violet and rose. Tannins softened by salted caramel, vanilla and clove. In a word; addictive.

A wine in line with your protective nature, this mysterious drop will open up over time. Heady opulence with magical depth.


Winemaker’s notes

'Harvested relatively early the aim is a contemporary, complex flavoured yet medium-bodied style. Restraint allows us to capture the alluring & distinct characteristics of the variety. With the texture of soft salted caramel, Touriga Nacional warms your soul. Low and slow.'



Scorpio Season - October 24 to November 22

Ruler | Pluto & Mars - Element | Water - Quality | Fixed


Scorpio, the perfect storm.

As enigmatic as the ocean. Magnetic in your tidal pull. Calm to the surface while complexity reigns beneath. Depth, danger and complexity. Electric and transformative, you are the perfect storm.

Coveted emotions. You feel so strongly yet express so rarely. Constrained by a well-controlled nature. A friendly, open approach is your pretence for privacy. You invest so much in others yet reveal so little of yourself. Still, as reserved as you may try to be, your intensity cannot be ignored.

You sparkle with hypnotic magnetism; a transfixing force iconic to Scorpio. A dangerous allure, energetically polarising; you attract yet repel. Protective of the inner workings of your psyche. Mystery illuminated by fire; desire. It’s this air of ambiguity that makes you so seductive.

Ruled by both Pluto and Mars your energy is transformation, destruction and force. Patient to a point. The provocateur quickly becomes the victim. The sting of the Scorpion may be unspoken, but it is surely felt. A dark cloud descends. Amorphous, unbridled; a deluge.

Your soul’s purpose is to protect and contribute. A powerhouse of strength, drive and determination, collaboration is to resist the urge for control. Temper your ego and open your empathy. Aspiring to contribute your energy to a collective cause will bring you more meaning than going it alone. You are innately protective of others, profoundly paternal and completely loyal in love.

Passionate, powerful, volatile, creative and mesmerising. In a word; addictive.