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Pisces— 2018 LITTLE REDDIE ‘ZAZOU BLANC’ Roussanne


A kind and gentle wine. This is a drop with fantastical fluidity, just like you. 

Lightly scented, aromas bring on a hazy floral drift. The palate is illuminated with citrus flavours and acid freshness. Slightly cloudy in colour brought on by a textural leesyness that brings weight and dimension to the mouth.

A wine that pairs with the Piscean view of the world, very fresh but somewhat clouded. Although, always beautiful and dreamy. 


Winemaker’s notes

'Roussanne! A very beautiful white variety originally from the Rhône Valley in France. Made in a traditional way with minimal intervention. It is a textural wine with quite a bit of body and the beautiful floral aromatics that Roussanne offers. Enjoy!'


Pisces Season - February 19 to March 20

Ruler | Neptune - Element | Water - Quality | Mutable


Pisces, the dreamer.

Shimmering with wonder at the world. Charming and cheerful. The idealist, born to see the world through rose coloured glasses. Hazy and hopeful, you are the dreamer. Creative, esoteric, intuitive. Feeling your way through life.

In constant search for inspiration, your world has a filter of subtlety. Ultra-sensitive and somewhat resistant to reality, you create a calm space for yourself removed from the ills of the outside world. You imagine a gentler existence, where everyone is kind and all actions are beautiful.

As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, you are all-knowing. A distillation of all the signs that preceded you, you hold a wealth of wisdom and cosmic experience. You are hyper-aware of your surroundings, almost anxious in your observation.

A kindness exists in you. An inexhaustible love for every living creature. Sensitive. A deep desire to protect the vulnerable. So compassionate that you absorb the stresses and struggles of others as if they were your own. So pained by the pain of others, that you are often suffering second-hand. Be wary of this tendency as the compounded emotions of others will leave you too depleted to deal with your own.

You are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. A metaphor for the ultimate choice faced by your impressionable nature; to swim upwards towards light and expansion or to sink deeper in search of escapism.

Optimism is the greater challenge. It does not come easy to the deep feeling Pisces with your emotional spectrum so vast. You tend to take on the weight of the world. 

Remember, you are just as affected by positivity as you are by pain. It’s a question of outlook; the choice is entirely yours. You possess incredible brightness, brilliance and influence when you consciously commit to happiness.