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JJ Morel Antipodes

03. Gemini— 2018 JJ MOREL 'Antipodes' Grenache


The Geminian charm is reflected here, in a testament of a wine, made in the Adelaide Hills by one of the most exciting, boundary-pushing producers in Burgundy; Jean Jacques Morel.  

Grenache is an expressive grape variety that produces light-bodied wine with big, concentrated flavour. This is an airy wine with a lot to say, just like the Mercurial Gemini.

A light and delicate wine, with a charmed perfume. Warm scents of red fruit and floral notes. Weightless, this is a wine that dances on the palate, intelligent and focused in its flavour. A jammy, concentrated intensity of red cherry, red plum, strawberry and faint, dusty rose.

A sensitive, yet exuberant wine. This is a drop to stimulate the mind and tickle the curiosity of these light, airy intellectuals.


Winemaker’s notes

Working with non-traditional varieties of Grenache and Sangiovese, JJ Morel has ever so eloquently captured the essence of the South Australian fruit. These are enchanting wines, made at the hands of a master vigneron.



Gemini Season - May 22 to June 21

Ruler | Mercury - Element | Air - Quality | Mutable


Gemini, the catalyst.

You are animated; full of expression. Sparkling eyes flash with the brilliance of your imagination. Enchanting. Exuberant. Open-minded and inquisitive. Sensitive and stimulating. You are the catalyst.

Restless and reviving. Always moving. In need of excitement and change. You are constantly seeking, as impatience and changeability are such a strong part of your nature. On this quest to escape boredom, your imagination knows no bounds.

A true idealist. Though this creativity can be a double-edged sword. The utopia in your mind will always be more vibrant than the reality you are living, so you are forever searching for a brighter horizon. You are all air and you belong in your element. A rolling stone, happiest in the journey, gathering no moss.

Your soul’s purpose is to communicate. The zodiac’s eloquent messenger. You are interested in everything. Agile, flexible, adaptable. Your dual nature only expands your repertoire, giving you the ability to explore many realms at once.

You have a tendency to over commit, believing boredom is a fate worse than death. In your determination to be busy you can scatter yourself hither and yon. Choosing fewer pursuits with discipline and focus will see you realise your greatest desires, instead of witnessing merely the beginning of a million dreams.

Ruled by Mercury you possess it’s nervous energy. The air is electric around you. Bright, friendly and sparkling with curiosity. Crackling with quick movements and changeable tendencies; it’s a volatility that will carry you through almost anything.

Delicate, light and captivating. You are inspiring and reviving those around you.