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Garden of Earthly Delights

01. Aries— 2017 GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS Sangiovese


A wine for Aries, this Sangiovese has ample heat and a nice, agile body. Fire, drive, and tenacity; pure passion in a glass.

This drop has spice that lights up red cherry and strawberry notes. A virile wine. Its fire lifts the mood and kicks off adventure. For best results, decant to allow time to breathe and open before drinking.
Just like Aries, this is an intense drop with forthright flavour - one that will make you feel alive. 
Vintage 2017 
Category LIGHT RED 


Winemaker’s notes

Fruit from Colbinabbin, Heathcote. ‘100% destemmed, cold soaked, 25 days on skins, pressed into new 2000L Stockinger foudre.’ 1,204 bottles made.


Aries Season - March 21 to April 20

Ruler | Mars - Element | Fire - Quality | Cardinal


Aries, the instigator.

Abuzz with energy. Bursting with vitality. Coiled. As the first-born of the zodiac you vibrate with an anticipation for existence. An enthusiasm for taking the world head-on. Impulsive. Intoxicatingly alive.

You are bold and determined, audacious even. Always honest and direct. Although fresh to this game of life, you came to win. Ruled by Mars, your energy is that of the challenger; an assertive virility. Fiery force, blind passion and total confidence.

You are the instigator and the pioneer. Forthright. Impatient for progress. You exist to push boundaries and birth new ideas. The spark of ignition. Burning with passion and fiery drive. You are the leader and the rebel. Optimism and adventure, a thirst for paving the new path.

As the first sign of the zodiac, you act without influence of the other signs as none have existed before you. Like an only child, you are acutely aware of yourself. Empathy and consideration are not your natural forte. Albeit all in innocence, this naiveté can challenge your partnerships and true aspirations for leadership. You treat life so urgently, so involve those around you in the wild ride! Learning to celebrate the contributions of others will temper your ego and help deepen your connections.

Beaming with positivity and armed with an uncomplicated and optimistic attitude to life, you are going places. Fast, loose and breathless.