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Brave New Wine

07. Libra— 2019 BRAVE NEW WINE ‘Rude Boy’


Paying homage to beautiful contradictions; this cheerful, chilled red is the perfect Libran drop. Stunning, soft ruby in colour in true Venus style. Subtle and agreeable, just like you. 

A pronounced sweetness on the nose, yet paradoxically dry on the palate. Notes of raspberry, red cherry, red plum, white pepper and an elusive hint of rose. Darker fruits and stronger spice coming across on the palate, red cherry, blackcurrant brightened by peppery goodness. Drink depending on your mood; as a light red at room temperature or mellowed when slightly chilled.

A Spring fling to celebrate the season of Libra, light, bright and succulent. 


Winemaker’s notes

' Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Gewurz and Vermentino—all picked early for freshness and natural acidity. 100% wild-fermented with some co-fermentation, gentle extraction for medium weight and light slippery tannin, then basket-pressed to older oak for 12 months before bottling with no fining, filtration or additives (other than a very small amount of SO2 at bottling). It's a juicy, peppery, slurpable and succulent light red, built for chilling and chilling out.'



Libra Season - September 24 to October 23

Ruler | Venus - Element | Air - Quality | Cardinal


Libra, the beautiful contradiction.

You are a breath of fresh air. Pure charm, captivating and light. Subtle and humbling is your aura of grace. The pacifist. Sensitive, kind and compassionate. You are the solace in a disrupted world.

Your soul’s purpose is to create harmony. To encourage cooperation and inspire justice through your dedicated example. The mediator, delicate in your tact and diplomacy, you brighten the attitudes and solve the problems you encounter. Adept at weighing up the options and considering both sides; you offer guidance in a way that is innately selfless.

This need for calm extends to aesthetic refinement, as inspired by your ruler Venus. You are unwavering in your desire for perfection. Detailed you curate, straighten and smooth your environment to achieve the order you so crave.

You are epitomised by your quest for balance. Pendulous between two poles you are accustomed to the ups and downs. You have created your own sense of equilibrium, comfortably in between and mindfully removed from each extreme. Beautifully detached, you are content to dip your toes in the highs and lows rather than becoming completely absorbed or affected. It is not naive, but rather evolved. Wisely within this place of contentment you ground your existence.

Carefree, you live in the present, unconcerned by the past or with what the future holds. You are incredibly sensitive. Extremely intelligent, yet often gullible. Restless, yet never rushing. You are an unconscious series of contradictions. This trait, framed by your good intentions, only makes you more endearing.

In this pursuit of balance, you are comfortable in flux. Blasé, fun-loving and bright.