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- Cosmic Season Pack - The Triple Tipple

$133.00 $110.00

Inspired to gift yourself? Introducing the personal consumption pack!

In a year, each astrological sign will enjoy its time in the Sun (quite literally). As the Sun moves through each sign, its influence is projected and universally accessible for the duration of that ‘season’. Having seasonal awareness means living in harmony with the cosmic energetics and allowing life to flow more easily. 

Drinking seasonally-paired vino allows you to do exactly that. Experience the zodiac of wine in real time. A monthly pilgrimage from the comfort of your own home. 


A distinctive drop, intensely aromatic. Initially crisp and virile, with green, peppery notes which develop to something decidedly fruitier. Notes of pear, honey and faint oak make their way onto the palate for a nice warm end. 

2020 DUNE WINE 'Ténéré' Chenin Blanc - $43
This drop has a cleansing feel, with some skinsy grip on the palate. Notes are an amorphous haze of tropical fruits of pineapple, lychee and banana peel. On the finish, pleasantly bitter notes of grapefruit and orange pith.

2018 VINTELOPER TN’18 Touriga Nacional - $44
A powerful red, this drop is dark. An alluring, addictive, warm dark. Sensuous and layered. Ripe plum, blackcurrant, fragrant violet and rose. Tannins softened by salted caramel, vanilla and clove.