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Little Reddie

01. Aries— 2017 LITTLE REDDIE SYR Tabilk Prosecco


Prosecco to pair with the Arian optimism, a wine that literally bubbles with vitality. A ripe and racy expression, from Sarah Gough’s beautiful Box Grove vineyard at the western base of the Strathbogie ranges.

Fresh lime and green, fresh herbal aromatics - nettle and mint, like a dry mojito if I may. Yuzu citrus, ultra pithy with a little tiny lick of curds on the palate. There’s that tensile, jumpy energy from the porous granite soils, and a soft chalky grip that leaves you salivating.’

Forthright and fruit-forward, this is the Aries accompaniment for good times in the sunshine.


Winemaker’s notes

'Hand harvested by Sarah and her team from a couple of complete rows as well as a few row ends - Machine harvesters don't touch the vine at the beginning of each row so we picked those few panels that it missed rather than letting the grapes go to waste. The fruit was gently whole bunch pressed with a manual operation then settled. Fermented in tank and racked a couple of times mid ferment to keep things clean. The ferment really slowed towards the end and eventually ran out of steam at 13g/l of sugar - super lucky as its near perfect numbers to bottle a pet'nat. I chilled the ferment right down and added a small (20 parts) sulphur addition at this point as there was some competing bacteria I didn’t want to go nuts in bottle. The refermentation in bottle was extremely slow taking a full year and then some to get dry and fizzy. 18 months on fine lees before release and remains non-disgorged under crown seal.'


Aries Season - March 21 to April 20

Ruler | Mars - Element | Fire - Quality | Cardinal


Aries, the instigator.

Abuzz with energy. Bursting with vitality. Coiled. As the first-born of the zodiac you vibrate with an anticipation for existence. An enthusiasm for taking the world head-on. Impulsive. Intoxicatingly alive.

You are bold and determined, audacious even. Always honest and direct. Although fresh to this game of life, you came to win. Ruled by Mars, your energy is that of the challenger; an assertive virility. Fiery force, blind passion and total confidence.

You are the instigator and the pioneer. Forthright. Impatient for progress. You exist to push boundaries and birth new ideas. The spark of ignition. Burning with passion and fiery drive. You are the leader and the rebel. Optimism and adventure, a thirst for paving the new path.

As the first sign of the zodiac, you act without influence of the other signs as none have existed before you. Like an only child, you are acutely aware of yourself. Empathy and consideration are not your natural forte. Albeit all in innocence, this naiveté can challenge your partnerships and true aspirations for leadership. You treat life so urgently, so involve those around you in the wild ride! Learning to celebrate the contributions of others will temper your ego and help deepen your connections.

Beaming with positivity and armed with an uncomplicated and optimistic attitude to life, you are going places. Fast, loose and breathless.