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Minim Wine

11. Aquarius— 2018 MINIM ‘Colbinabbin’ Fiano


A drop that disrupts the status quo. A thoroughly Aquarian wine; an interesting variety and a new age approach. 

Heavy tropical fruit notes of banana, mango and lychee as well as a faintly saline character on the nose. The palate is zesty and textural, with a fade out to the mild and mellow. The ripe pineapple note extends onto the palate with considerable length. Textural and dense in the mouth, with a faint biscuit character. 

A surprise of a wine from winemaker Tim Sproal, who works out of the Boomtown Wine Cooperative in Castlemaine. 

Easy drinking for warm weather. 


Winemaker’s notes

'A full bodied, barrel fermented expression of Fiano, with crisp acidity and layers of spice and texture. Licks of tannin and grip owing to a little skin contact and a small carbonic macerated pot.'



Aquarius Season - January 21 to February 19

Ruler | Uranus - Element | Air - Quality | Fixed


Aquarius, the truth seeker.

Light with possibilities, bright with intelligence and wholly unique. Cool and aloof. 

Interested, opinionated and wonderful. A friend to everyone. Charismatic and eccentric, you possess a relaxed, self-assurance that others are drawn to. A non-conformist at heart, you delight in rocking convention and in your refusal to conform; you are unapologetically yourself. 

Generally a tranquil and gentle soul, you are motivated by helping others, not through service or small gestures but rather sweeping, violent change. You possess an intelligence unlike any other; analytical and objective. There is a sharpness to your perception that sees through a different lens. You think bigger than others can perceive.

You know your own mind and won’t have it altered by anyone. Fixed in nature, you are determined in your ideas and dedicated in your beliefs. You innately seek the truth.

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise, innovation and technology. With your occasional erraticism and unpredictability, you are a mirror of its influence. This inclination rejects the archaic in favour of the new. Innovation is the product of research and continuous experimentation. Alert and inquisitive, you are driven by what is yet to be discovered. Attuned to higher spheres of thought.

You have so much to offer the world; light, kindness, intelligence and hope. Yet surrounded by the energy of others leaves you craving space; time alone to mediate on new ideas. The rebel must also be the recluse. It has been said that ‘to stifle an Aquarian is to pin down a butterfly’. So beautiful and fragile, restraining such a creature would destroy it, denying the world the vibrancy of its presence. 

Freedom-loving Aquarians are happiest when living their independence.