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Astro Vino

12 Pisces Triple Tipple

$190.00 $149.00

Explore each season, acquaint yourself with each sign, through the vino value pack ~


2019 PATRICK SULLIVAN 'Rain' Cabernet Franc Pinot Gris - $78

Bright positivity shines through this rose-coloured vino. It’s a dreamy hue owing to a blend of Cabernet Franc and skin-contact Pinot Gris. Lifted, floral aromas of red berries. The palate is bright, juicy and moreish, showing raspberry, red cherry and spicy, pepper notes. Carbonic maceration encouraging even more vibrancy to the fruit characters and a buoyant, almost effervescent mouthfeel. Soft tannins and skinsy phenolics combine to bring harmonious texture and length to the palate. This drop is beautifully nuanced, delicate and intriguing. A feast for the attuned Piscean perception. 

2020 SMALLFRY 'Isolar’ Riesling Roussanne - $54
Brightness and depth are epitomised in this dreamy white blend - an ideal pairing for Pisces. The ‘Isolar’ has breadth and body, while still being cleansing and light. Intensely aromatic. Lifted floral notes, tropical fruit characters and citrus. The palate is brisk with yellow grapefruit and pineapple notes, mellowing to creamy characters of nectarine, white peach and honeysuckle. Textural with a mild, savoury leesiness, yet also soft, silky and smooth. It’s a winding journey of a wine.

2016 SHOBBROOK ‘Novellino’ Nebbiolo Blend - $57
There is a heady aroma to this wine. Richly layered, sweet and rounded; an alluring, smokey depth. Perfume of cherry and rose. This wine feels almost fortified, with developed characters of baked plum, sour cherry, blackberry and forest floor. Like the final sign of the zodiac, this drop has a patina of sorts. Aged for many years in barrel and bottle; tawny in colour and makes for light, yet complex drinking. A Piscean prescription, this old soul of a wine will comfort and alleviate these deeply empathic creatures. Beautiful with a light chill on a hot night.