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11. Aquarius— 2019 PHANTOM ‘Merlo Grigio’


This wine for Aquarius begins with a story - a testament to humanitarianism. P(h)antom started as a means to help Panevino (Gianfranco Manca) a legendary natural wine producer from Sardinia. His recent vintages has been suffering due to terrible weather. Then in 2018 his entire yield was decimated by more than 40 days of unrelenting rain. This was a huge blow for Panevino, there would be no vintage that year. 

In an incredible gesture, Giorgio De Maria invited Gianfranco to come to Australia and recoup a vintage in the Adelaide Hills. With the help and generosity of Anton Van Klopper (Lucy Margaux) and Tom Shobbrook, the P(h)antom project came to life. The wines they produced are the epitome of community spirit. 

This Aquarian drop is a 50/50 red/white blend of Merlot and Pinot Grigio - a light, juicy red of bright plum and black forest notes. Vibrant acid, subtle tannins, faint ginger and spice. Organic grapes, no additives, just love.


Winemaker’s notes

Merlot and Pinot Grigio from Magpie Springs. Not the typical blend I know, however this is what we had to play with. When Gianfranco looked at the grapes he simply decided to destem and conferment everything together in three 500L tonneaux. Unlike the white and the rosé, this little red fermented like a Swiss clock, with no issues at all and unveiled its prettiness straight away. Merlo (blackbird in Italian but also stands for Merlot here) Grigio (grey in Italian but stands for Pinot Grigio here) made us all chill!'



Aquarius Season - January 21 to February 19

Ruler | Uranus - Element | Air - Quality | Fixed


Aquarius, the truth seeker.

Light with possibilities, bright with intelligence and wholly unique. Cool and aloof. 

Interested, opinionated and wonderful. A friend to everyone. Charismatic and eccentric, you possess a relaxed, self-assurance that others are drawn to. A non-conformist at heart, you delight in rocking convention and in your refusal to conform; you are unapologetically yourself.

Generally a tranquil and gentle soul, you are motivated by helping others, not through service or small gestures but rather sweeping, violent change. You possess an intelligence unlike any other; analytical and objective. There is a sharpness to your perception that sees through a different lens. You think bigger than others can perceive.

You know your own mind and won’t have it altered by anyone. Fixed in nature, you are determined in your ideas and dedicated in your beliefs. You innately seek the truth.

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise, innovation and technology. With your occasional erraticism and unpredictability, you are a mirror of its influence. This inclination rejects the archaic in favour of the new. Innovation is the product of research and continuous experimentation. Alert and inquisitive, you are driven by what is yet to be discovered. Attuned to higher spheres of thought.

You have so much to offer the world; light, kindness, intelligence and hope. Yet surrounded by the energy of others leaves you craving space; time alone to mediate on new ideas. The rebel must also be the recluse. It has been said that ‘to stifle an Aquarian is to pin down a butterfly’. So beautiful and fragile, restraining such a creature would destroy it, denying the world the vibrancy of its presence.

Freedom-loving Aquarians are happiest when living their independence.