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Pyren Vineyard

10. Capricorn— 2020 PYREN PENTAGON ‘Côt Franc’


Part Malbec, part Cab Franc from the Pyrenees. The Côt Franc is fresh and vibrant, while still possessing the tannic backbone needed to satisfy the structured goat.

Raucous perfume, lifted notes of raspberry, red cherry and herbs. An introduction that is self-assured and authoritative. Crunchy red berry notes are met with a masculine edge. The Malbec offers something darker - cassis, earthy tannins, tobacco. Discerning, yet still lifted. 

A marriage of contrasts. Illuminated by carbonic maceration the Cab Franc is lively, serving to brighten the Saturnian seriousness. While, equally weightless, the Malbec stands firm acknowledging a penchant for structure. 

Determined, this drop holds on to the palate through puckering tannins. A wine testament to the staying power of Capricorn. Length for days.


Winemaker’s notes

‘Malbec and Cabernet Franc have been hand-picked on the 27th and 30th of March 2019. Fermented individually under whole bunch carbonic maceration, before being pressed as one on the 26th April. Allowed to settle in stainless steel, where the wine has been twice racked prior to bottling in November, without any additions.’


Capricorn Season - December 22 to January 20

Ruler | Saturn - Element | Earth - Quality | Cardinal


Capricorn, the cultivator.

You have incredible tenacity. The cultivator, you are focused and methodical. Master of your own inner fortitude. Structured, responsible and enduring. Conscientious and dutiful.

You possess a no-nonsense approach to life. Pragmatic and morally righteous, your spectrum of view is black or white. Preferring not to play in shades of grey, yet contrast becomes you.

Your Saturnian stability is ever present, though you often seek rebellion. Deeply serious in nature, and yet you have a mischievous sense of humour. In the professional realm you may feel complete confidence,  while in matters of the heart you may feel strangely out of your depth. 

This contrasting self-belief can create an inner tension. A frustration, as you aim to excel at everything. Success and achievement define you. There is an almost bristling determination to your energy, a productivity, that has little patience for mediocrity. Your nature is one capable of moving mountains.

The fast road to progress leaves little space for reflection. You have difficultly accepting compliments and rarely acknowledge your own success. You are the undisputed taskmaster of the zodiac. In this pursuit of excellence, you forget to recognise your own achievements. Stopping to smell the roses will give you the perspective to appreciate yourself. 

You may not pay much attention to your emotions, being so preoccupied in other areas. You see things differently - grounded in your focus and structured in your method. Emotions aren’t planned, measured or controllable, hence they are not your native language. Your values however, speak volumes to the strength of your character.

You’re a slow burn, but your fire lasts a lifetime.