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04. Cancer— 2020 LITTLE REDDIE ‘New! Super Juice' Nebbiolo


For the lunar-ruled crabs, big hearts hide behind tough exteriors. This wine is exactly that - tough label, super juicy inside. Lush, generous, soft centred.

Watermelon, cucumber, mint and quinine aromatics are super inviting and refreshing. Pithy, fleshy fruit. So much fruit. Pink lady, mandarin, little bits of yellow peach - crunchy, sweet carrot and a really yummy lactic kick. Some dried herbs play around the edges with a subtle but persistent tannin. Cool.’ 

A drop to celebrate the Cancerian romanticism.


Winemaker’s notes

The wine is blended from predominantly a short and cold maceration of C block Nebbiolo, along with some rosé from the same pick and some rosé from earlier A block pick. The fruit was chilled, destemmed and sealed up in tank for one week. Ferment began very slowly during this time. This was then pressed to an open top tank where it was allowed to ferment vigorously with lots of oxygen before being racked to one old puncheon and one oldhogs head after ferment. Barrels of rosé (some with really aggressive exposure to oxygen, others pristine) were blended to balance. No additions whatsoever.'


Cancer Season - June 22 to July 23

Ruler | Moon - Element | Water - Quality | Cardinal


Cancer, the romantic.

Shy, protective and sentimental. A gentle soul. Your hard outer shell endures, safeguarding the softness of your heart. You live in a world guided by your senses. Led by your intuition and your ability to feel. You are the romantic. 

Loyal and loving, you are the nurturer of the zodiac. Deeply sympathetic and kind to those in need. Ruled by the Moon, the planet of sensation, you are heavily influenced by emotion. Your softer side becomes you.

You are the most sensory and reflective of beings. Nostalgia belongs to Cancer. You have an incredible talent for recollection, and with such a powerful memory and such a vivid imagination, you have the ability to recreate any scenario from the past and feel it again in full force.

There is a vulnerability in this. A fragility that craves the protection and comfort of home. You covet this place, or person, you call your own, gathering within it the things that mean the most to you. Mementos evoking sensation become your collection of calm and reassurance. This arrangement affords you a sense of security; a shelter from the storm.

The shadow side to feeling so deeply is the transience of your emotional cycles. The inconsistencies and contradictions. Prone to bouts of melancholia one minute, the next pure elation. Your moods are as changeable as the moon.

Dramatic, committed and sentimental, you inspire sensation in those around you.