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Astro Vino

01 Aries Triple Tipple

$176.00 $140.00

Explore each season, acquaint yourself with each sign, through the vino value pack ~


2020 UNKEL ‘After Party’ Riesling - $59

Lively, confident and forward; this is the ideal pairing for Aries. Whiffs of sea spray, citrus and fresh floral notes. The palate is bright and zinging with flavour; lemon, granny smith apple and stone fruit. Loads of energy! A fine line of nervy acidity runs through with stimulating affect. There is serious drive behind this wine. With searing acid and forthright flavour, ‘AfterParty’ is one enthusiastic drop! 

2017 GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS Sangiovese - $58

A wine for Aries, this Sangiovese has ample heat and a nice, agile body. Fire, drive, and tenacity; pure passion in a glass. This drop has spice that lights up red cherry and strawberry notes. A virile wine. Its fire lifts the mood and kicks off adventure. Just like Aries, this is an intense drop with forthright flavour - one that will make you feel alive. 

2017 LITTLE REDDIE SYR Tabilk Prosecco - $58

Prosecco to pair with the Arian optimism, a wine that literally bubbles with vitality. A ripe and racy expression, from Sarah Gough’s beautiful Box Grove vineyard at the western base of the Strathbogie ranges. Fresh lime and green, fresh herbal aromatics - nettle and mint, like a dry mojito if I may. Yuzu citrus, ultra pithy with a little tiny lick of curds on the palate. There’s that tensile, jumpy energy from the porous granite soils, and a soft chalky grip that leaves you salivating.’