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Blood Moon Wines

01. Aries— 2021 BLOOD MOON WINES ‘Rise’ Rosé Nero D'Avola Pétillant Naturel


This pét nat has vibrancy, energy and movement. Perfect for Aries!

Tastes like
Spicy watermelon, ruby grapefruit, blood orange spritz. This drop is all bouncy, extroverted energy! Uncomplicated fun, no strings, etc. A buzzy refresher with fire to it’s fruit and sparkly, convivial vibes to get you up and about. So much, so much, so much.

Feels like
Energetic, driven, invigorating, bright.


Producer Blood Moon Wines
Region Murray Darling, Vic, AU
Vintage 2021
Varieties Nero D’Avola
Style Rosé Pétillant Naturel
Made Minimal Intervention 
Serve Chilled
Alc.%: 12%

Whole bunches were crushed and allowed to macerate for 3 hours before being pressed to tank for fermentation by wild yeast. After 10 days the wine was chilled and racked then bottled. This wine is made in the méthode ancestrale which means the carbonation is achieved by capturing the ferment before it is finished. There has been no disgorging. So it'll be cloudy. There have been no additions (preservative-free), and there has been no fining or filtration. Vegan.