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Reed Wine

06. Virgo— 2019 REED 'Alexia' Grenache


There is an allure to this wine, an element of exclusivity, owing to the expression of aged vines. Complex and concentrated in flavour, yet light and delicate in body. In essence, a truly beautiful Grenache.

'This wine has a fragility and purity that dances across the palate. Slightly tart red fruits with flickers of perfume almost popping in the mouth as you sip this wine.'

Purity meets practicality, a homage to the Virgo nature.


Winemaker’s notes

'100% Vine Vale fruit from old bush vines on light sandy soils. The tannins are mouth coating and waxy, making it “deceptively smashable” in nature but not lacking in fine layers of complexity. Its juvenile framework makes it so delicious in its infancy. Yet over time that pretty young girl will become the promise of an amazing 100+ year old vineyard and become the elegant woman of a wine that it is.'



Virgo Season - August 24 to September 23

Ruler | Mercury - Element | Earth - Quality | Mutable


Virgo, the perfectionist.

You are delicate. Intelligent and poised. You are defined by your contribution, by your acts of service. Efficient, accurate, considered. Light, beautiful, impossible and unattainable.

Personified by the virgin goddess of agriculture your fixed, earthy nature likes to have its feet firmly planted on the ground. You like life to go as expected, or rather, as you have planned. You respect methodology and hard work. Recognising that consistency and diligence are the keys to success.

Your practical nature and intelligent mind can make relationships difficult to navigate. You don’t register emotion on a primal level as others do, you are governed by the mind. Rational. Intolerant of messy, unpredictable affairs. Instead, you crave romance as an ideal in its purest form. There is a difficult polarity in this; your level head in impasse with your idealistic heart. Practicality pushes, while romanticism pulls and the outcome is often to abstain entirely, hence the virginal connotations. Love will always be a challenge for the perfectionist. 

You are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. However, its influence is internal. You channel information like no other, with discreet selectivity. 

Meticulous. You are the aficionado of process with an incredible gift of bringing order out of chaos, illustrating the beauty and perfection you so desire. You live in a material world. 

In your quest for idealism you can be critical of yourself and others. Constant judgement can be both exhaustive and destructive. You are prone to worry and dissatisfaction as your expectations are always high. 

Your soul’s purpose is to help; to assist on a practical level. You are a kind, committed supporter who draws on your clever resourcefulness to solve the problems of those around you. You smooth the edges of the mess which is life.