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An Approach To Relaxation

08. Scorpio— 2018 AN APPROACH TO RELAXATION 'Nichon' Semillon/SB


Tastes like
Lemon and lime! Tight and nervy with a keen acid line. Refreshment to the max. Mineral notes, citrus pith, a little texture and some mellowed, warmer oak characters open things up at the end.

Feels like
Emotional whiplash. In a good way. 


Producer An Approach To Relaxation
Region Vine Vale, SA, AU
Vintage 2018
Varieties Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc
Style Textural White
Made Lo-Fi / Minimal 
Serve Chilled



Nichon is 90% Semillon and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. We are lucky enough to work with an old-vine parcel of Semillon from a vineyard down the road from our Rza Block (the heart of Sucette); the vines are 60-65 years of age, dry-grown, and own-rooted in the deep sand of the Vine Vale. That old Semillon in addition to a splash of bright young Sauvignon Blanc creates the perfect balance in our minds: the snappy SB helps to corset the velvety Semillon fruit. Winemaking is simple: a 12 hour basket press for the Semillon and Sauv Blanc, then straight to second-use French oak barrels to ferment in the cold room. After 10-12 months in barrel the wine is racked to tank for a few months and then bottled unfined and unfiltered.


Scorpio Season - October 24 to November 22

Ruler | Pluto & Mars - Element | Water - Quality | Fixed


Scorpio, the perfect storm.

As enigmatic as the ocean. Magnetic in your tidal pull. Calm on the surface while complexity reigns beneath. Dark, deep, dangerous. Electric and transformative, you are the perfect storm.

Coveted emotions. You feel so strongly yet express so rarely. Constrained by a well-controlled nature. A friendly, open approach is your pretence for privacy. You invest so much in others yet reveal so little of yourself. Still, as reserved as you may try to be, you possess an intensity that cannot be ignored.

You sparkle with hypnotic magnetism - a transfixing force iconic to Scorpio. A dangerous allure. Energetically polarising; you attract and repel. Mystery illuminated by fire; desire. It’s this air of ambiguity that makes you so seductive.

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto your energy is transformational. A pure force; amorphous and unbridled. Patient to a point, the provocateur quickly becomes the victim. The sting of the Scorpion may be unspoken, but it is surely felt. 

A powerhouse of strength, drive and determination, your need for control can be tempered. Soften your ego and lean into your empathy. Share more. You are immensely private, innately protective, profoundly paternal and loyal in love.

Passionate, powerful, volatile. Creative and mesmerising. In a word; addictive.