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Vino Volta

09. Sagittarius— 2019 VINO VOLTA 'La Chingadera' Tempranillo - Grenache - Touriga


Intense aroma and rich, romantic notes. A modern style, with some carbonic maceration this wine has an excitable energy, just like Sagittarius. Juicy, fruity and forward! This drop is lively, bright and buoyant.

Red plum, cherry and  rose. This bold intro mellows to a savoury palate of whole bunch texture and gravelly tannins. A medium bodied wine with forthright flavour, finishing strong and substantial.

This red blend of exotic varieties is an adventure in a glass! Perfect for the travel loving Sag. 


Winemaker’s notes

46% Temprenillo, 24% Grenache, 20% Touriga. Fruit was sourced across Donnybrook, Swan Valley and as far South as Frankland River. An array of winemaking techniques depending on the fruit. There was whole bunch, carbonic maceration, natural yeast and inoculated. All components aged in old barriques for 14 months. Plum, rose petal, sage, fennel. Medium bodied. Juicy and squishy up front, a lick of oak and savoury tannins to finish.



Sagittarius Season - November 23 to December 21

Ruler | Jupiter - Element | Fire - Quality | Mutable


Sagittarius, the adventurer.

Fresh and unaffected. You experience life as the adventure you make it. With a contagious energy of spontaneity, bravery and naiveté you are wide open, seeing only possibilities in front of you. This bright-eyed buoyancy never fades. Childlike in your wonder for today and anticipation for tomorrow.

Lively and fun-loving, you are a curious creature. You seek knowledge and adventure to expand your mind. A restless spirit and a mutable sign, you yearn for change and new experiences. You long for freedom and independence and must have space to roam.

Honest, almost to a fault. There is a sincerity and transparency about you. You always have the best of intentions.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, has gifted you with faith, optimism and positivity. Fueled by your fiery nature, you project this energy outward. In the realm of hope you are extremely expansive. Leaning into this you have the ability to affect great change for humanity.

You refuse to accept the seriousness of life. As a jovial Jupiter soul, you find bureaucracy and constraints suffocating. Too much responsibility weighs you down. You are happiest when you are afforded the freedom you so crave.

Powered by mental brilliance, the archer shoots for the stars. Bored by life’s limitations your heartfelt desires lie within another realm. With sparkling intellect, blind optimism and fiery drive, no dream is too big to turn into a reality.