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12. Pisces— 2019 CORYMBIA Tempranillo / Malbec


Tastes Like
Expression and sensation in a wine. Dense, dark, evocative scents of pomegranate, mulberry and clove. Warm and grounding with earthy characteristics. Rich notes of maraschino cherries, blueberries and salted liquorice linger intensely. 

With depth and lift this drop reflects the emotional spectrum of Pisces. A drop to comfort those full-feeling in nature. A prescription; this tannic, stabilising, fruit-driven drop has weight and structure to pacify and soften those edges beautifully. 

Feels Like
An escape of a wine.

Producer Corymbia
Region Swan Valley, WA, AU
Vintage 2019
Varieties 62% Tempranillo, 38% Malbec
Style Medium Bodied Red
Made Minimal Intervention 
Serve Room Temperature
Alc.%: 13.9%

‘62% Tempranillo and 38% Malbec grown on the Herne Hill loam of Rocket’s Vineyard in the Upper Swan. The fruit is dry grown and organically farmed on this site named after the late, great Tony “Rocket” Mann – Rob’s father and former Australian Test Cricketer. Tony and his son Rob first planted the vineyard together on their family property more than 35 years ago on what was an old currant vineyard. The grapes for this 2019 were hand harvested together, individually berry sorted prior to carbonic maceration and natural fermentation in a single French oak vat. Maturation followed in the same French oak vat for 10 months.’


Pisces Season - February 20 to March 20

Ruler | Neptune - Element | Water - Quality | Mutable


Pisces, the dreamer.

You shimmer with wonder at the world. Charmed. Cheerful. An idealist, born to see the world through rose coloured glasses. Hazy and hopeful. You are the dreamer. Creative, esoteric, empathetic. Feeling your way through life.

Ultra-sensitive and hyper-aware, you are tuned into the energies and behaviours of others, observing subtleties and signs. It’s with this awareness that you notice emotion in others, before they understand it in themselves. A level of empathy that earns you an almost psychic reputation. 

A kindness exists in you - a caring, inexhaustible love for every living creature. Deeply compassionate you absorb the struggles of others as if they were your own. As the final sign of the zodiac, you have felt the spectrum of emotion life has to offer and with that lies a weighty responsibility. Your soul’s purpose is to pass on your watery wisdom to those in need. 

You are somewhat resistant to reality. You wish for a gentler existence, where everyone is kind and all actions are beautiful. Creativity becomes your escape. An impressionable soul, you can swim upwards towards light or to sink deeper in search of escapism. To feel so strongly is both a blessing a curse.

Incredibly intuitive, you connect with souls from every walk of life on a deep and metaphysical level. Brightness, brilliance and influence is yours when you walk the path of positivity.