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Leo— 2019 BETWEEN FIVE BELLS Pétillant Naturel


Sparkling with energy and spritz, a playful pet nat in a rosé hue. 

A creative blend of sumptuous white varieties and a splash of pinot noir. Fun-filled and fancy-free. Brisk acidity and lively fruit flavours. Citrusy freshness and tropical sweetness. Vivacious. Made for sunny days.

This convivial wine is up for a good time, just like Leo!


Winemaker’s notes

'This is the SECOND release of our PET-NAT. When you should drink it is up to you, probably not long after it comes into your possession. A delicious blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Moscato Giallo, Viognier & Pinot Gris. The wine undergoes a natural fermentation finishing its ferment in bottle to give some CO2 spritz. Some residual yeast lees remain in the bottle.'


Leo Season - July 23 to August 23

Ruler | Sun - Element | Fire - Quality | Fixed


Leo, the endless Summer.

Encountering you is to be saturated in luminous warmth. Blindingly radiant, you possess a dazzling energy that must be experienced to be believed. Playful, resplendent, you are an endless Summer.

Ruled by the sun, you’ve inherited its glow. You’ve been gifted with a warmth and generosity the world can’t help but orbit. Light and salubrious. An infectious vitality emanates from your being. When people aren’t near you they crave you, like Winter yearns for heat.

Lively, sunny and social. Exuberance and ego. An attractive mix, and your unique blend of charisma. Vital and vivacious. Always the widest smile in the room, beckoning.

Taking lead from your ruler, you assume your position at the centre of the Universe. A birthright born confidence. A slight air of superiority, of royalty. You have a taste for luxury and indulgence.

You crave the attention of others. Deservedly, as you are accustomed to captivating an audience. Expression is paramount. Accolades are equally as important as expression itself. You need to be seen.

Innately affectionate. A heartfelt belief that a life without love is not worth living. You are the emotional idealist. Although, your strong, courageous tendencies have been known to falter under a romantic guise. Fierce loyalty fast becomes a powerful enemy. Big hearts break hard.

With the brightest of dispositions, you are a life force to those around you; as vibrant as the sun at its zenith.