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Ben Haines Wine

04. Cancer— 2020 BEN HAINES Grampians Syrah


Cool climate Syrah from our friend Ben.  

Sweet scents of red berries, cocoa and subtle spice. Evocative, seductive almost. The palate migrates to a much darker place. Weighted, an anchor of intense flavour, tannins and body draw you to the depths of contemplation and escape. Alluring is the pull.

Deep, dark, dramatic notes of blueberry, blackberry and chocolate linger and finally mellow to a smooth end. A seemingly shy drop, but one that opens generously and abundantly to shower you in love.

A drop to support you in all your feels this season. Coveted, for Cancer.

Producer Ben Haines
Region Grampians, VIC, AU
Vintage 2020
Varieties Shiraz
Style Medium-Bodied Red
Made Lo-Fi / Minimal
Serve Room Temp 


Cancer Season - June 22 to July 23

Ruler | Moon - Element | Water - Quality | Cardinal


Cancer, the romantic.

Shy, protective and sentimental. A gentle soul. Your hard outer shell endures, safeguarding the softness of your heart. You live in a world guided by your senses. Led by your intuition and your ability to feel. You are the romantic. 

Loyal and loving, you are the nurturer of the zodiac. Deeply sympathetic and kind to those in need. Ruled by the Moon, the planet of sensation, you are heavily influenced by emotion. Your softer side becomes you.

You are the most sensory and reflective of beings. Nostalgia belongs to Cancer. You have an incredible talent for recollection, and with such a powerful memory and such a vivid imagination, you have the ability to recreate any scenario from the past and feel it again in full force. 

There is a vulnerability in this. A fragility that craves the protection and comfort of home. You covet this place, or person, you call your own, gathering within it the things that mean the most to you. Mementos evoking sensation become your collection of calm and reassurance. This arrangement affords you a sense of security; a shelter from the storm.

The shadow side to feeling so deeply is the transience of your emotional cycles. The inconsistencies and contradictions. Prone to bouts of melancholia one minute, the next pure elation. Moods as changeable as the moon.

Dramatic, committed and sentimental, you inspire sensation in those around you.