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Alice L'Estrange

11. Aquarius— 2019 ALICE L’ESTRANGE ‘Perro Negro’ País


Intriguingly aloof on the nose. A light, almost transparent red with notes of sour cherry and strawberry. Unconventional, unadorned and somewhat ethereal for the air sign Aquarius.

Refreshing, illuminating and stimulating. Light tannins and a prominent pepperiness draw length and brighten the fruit flavours. 

This is a juicy, spicy, cerebral drop. Unbelievably easy drinking.


Producer Alice L’Estrange
Region Bio Bio, Chile
Vintage 2019
Varieties Pais
Style Light Red
Made Minimal Intervention 
Serve Room Temperature
Alc.%: 10.8%

‘In 2019 I worked vintage for Roberto Henriquez (everyone's hero) and he generously helped me with the logistics of making my wines. He also gave me some grapes from his newly purchased vineyard in Bio Bio. The old couple finally left just before vintage. They left their dog, who had been beaten his whole life and tied up on a chain literally all day long, never set free. With love and care, Roberto eventually got close enough to take off his chain. Very slowly, and with some violent outbursts, Negro became himself again and accompanied us all vintage. He's a changed being. Black Dog is depression, Negro came out the other side ok.’


Aquarius Season - January 21 to February 19

Ruler | Uranus - Element | Air - Quality | Fixed


Aquarius, the truth seeker.

Cool and aloof. Light with possibilities, bright with intelligence and wholly unique. 

Interested, opinionated and wonderful. A friend to everyone. Charismatic and eccentric, you possess a relaxed, self-assurance that others are drawn to. A non-conformist at heart, you delight in rocking convention and in your refusal to conform you are unapologetically yourself.

Generally a tranquil and gentle soul, you are motivated by helping others. Not through small gestures or services but through sweeping, humanitarian change. You possess an intelligence unlike any other; analytical and objective. There is a sharpness to your perception that sees through a different lens. You think bigger than others can even perceive. You innately seek the truth.

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise, innovation and technology. With your occasional erraticism and unpredictability, you are a mirror of its influence. This inclination rejects the archaic in favour of the new. Alert and inquisitive, you are driven by what is yet to be discovered. Attuned to higher spheres of thought.

You have so much to offer the world; light, kindness, intelligence and hope. Yet time alone is needed to recharge. As an airy, butterfly of a soul, your energy is delicate and fatigue only dulls the vibrancy of your presence.

You are happiest when living your independence.